Markforged Nylon Filament

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Markforged Nylon Filament

Product code: MKFORGF-NYLON

Part Number:  F-MF-0002



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Markforged Nylon Filament is a high quality 3D printing material for use with the Markforged range of 3D printers.


Flexible but tough, this nylon filament has great fatigue and impact resistance. Nylon also works well as an outer protective layer to keep your fixtures and tooling from scratching sensitive parts, and a good choice for tabs, clips, and mechanical fasteners.


Each Markforged Nylon filament spool contains approx. 800cm3 of material.


Compatible with Mark One, Mark One Professional, Mark Two, Mark Two Professional, Mark Two Enterprise, Markforged X7 (formerly known as Mark X) models.


Due to the large variation of monitors, video cards, operating systems & Internet browsers and the effects each has on each other, the colours on this page may not exactly match the materials.

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Markforged Tough Nylon Technical Specifications



Markforged Tough Nylon FFF Spool                                   

Tensile Strength (MPa)


Test Standard ASTM D638

Tensile Modulus (GPa)


Test Standard ASTM D638

Tensile Stress at Break (%)


Test Standard ASTM D638

Flexural Strength (MPa)


Test Standard ASTM D790

Flexural Modulus (GPa)


Test Standard ASTM D790

Flexural Strain at Break (%)


Not available because Nylon does not break before the test ends

Heat Deflection Temperature (°C)

44°C - 50°C

ASTM D648 Method B


NB Properties and settings may vary depending on printer type and settings.


Markforged material properties data sheet.PDF


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