Spoolworks Scaffold 1.75mm

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Spoolworks Scaffold 1.75mm

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Spoolworks Scaffold 1.75mm developed by E3D, is a PVA based filament that is water soluble. It is designed to be used in conjunction with Spoolworks Edge 3D printing material, ideal for printing support structures on more intricate or complex designed parts, or those parts where support is difficult to remove by hand.


Each Spoolworks Scaffold 1.75mm spool contains approx. 500g of filament.


Scaffold is an experimental material, and requires some care in use. See below FAQs for printing tips and care of filament.


Due to the large variation of monitors, video cards, operating systems & Internet browsers and the effects each has on each other, the colours on this page may not exactly match the materials.

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Spoolworks Scaffold Technical Specifications



E3D Spoolworks Scaffold

PVA based water soluble material




Recommended print temperature

190°C - 220°C

Recommended bed temperature

0°C - 90°C (can be used with a non-heated bed)

Spool hub hole


Spool diameter



Compatible with wide range of dual nozzle FDM / FFF 3D printers which accept 1.75mm or 2.85mm filament 


Use with Spoolworks Edge filament

Storage conditions

For best results, store in air-tight container


NB: Properties and settings may vary depending on printer type and setting.


What is E3D Spoolworks Scaffold filament?

E3D have developed a new filament pairing called Edge and Scaffold. Scaffold is a PVA based, water soluble 3D printing filament. It is designed to be printed in conjunction with Edge, a PETG based filament. Edge is a modified PET material, with properties akin to ABS in high strength impact and stiffness, with good layer bonding and bridging ability.


Edge and Scaffold is available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameters and is designed to be used on dual-head extrusion 3D printers.


What qualities do Spoolworks Edge & Scaffold have?

Spoolworks Edge is an enhanced PET filament, well suited for engineering parts requiring stiffness and high strength impact. Scaffold is a water-soluble filament used to print support structures which can then be removed post print, by submerging the part in water.


How do I print with Spoolworks Scaffold?

Scaffold is an experimental material, and requires some care in use:

  • The filament must be kept dry (refer to our Storing Filament blog for tips)

  • Scaffold can be printed onto a cold bed, or a bed temperature of up to 90°C. Beyond 90°C Scaffold will still print and adhere, but will become soft and be less reliable in forming strong precise support structures

  • If left inside a hot nozzle for an extended period of time (over 15-20 minutes), Scaffold will begin to degrade and forms a non-flowing substance that can be hard to purge out of the nozzle. It is important to purge the nozzle regularly. Slicer features (where possible) such as prime towers for regular purging are recommended

Scaffold dissolves in standard tap water. The rate at which Scaffold dissolves is much increased if there is agitation. Scrubbing a print under warm running water with a stiff bristled cleaning brush rapidly removes Scaffold supports. Support structures deep inside hidden cavities can be hard to dissolve and remove, but a long soaking will eventually soften and dissolve material inside cavities. Regular agitation and warm water will help.


What are the processing guidelines for Spoolworks Edge?

  • Recommended extruder temperature: 190°C - 220°C

  • Recommended platform temperature: up to 90°C


Is a heated bed necessary for printing with Spoolworks Edge & Scaffold?

Whilst Spoolworks Scaffold can be printed without a heated bed, Edge and Scaffold work best with a heated bed, with temperatures around 80°C. Scaffold can be printed on a heated bed up to 90°C.