Stereolithography (SLA) Additive Manufacturing Technology

for Fine Surface Finish, Detail & Accuracy

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The Formlabs Form 2 ecosystem is optimised for 3D printing parts with high levels of detail, a smooth surface finish and accuracy. 


The Form 2 provides great versatility for applications including end prototypes, models, props, wearable items, product design and development, and master tools, gauges and inspection tools, in a range of materials with elastic & flexible, high temperature, durable and tough properties.


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CREAT3D is a Formlabs Value Added Authorised Partner and Certified Service Partner


 Formlabs 3D printer range

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Formlabs Form 2 Basic Package

Formlabs Form 2 Basic Package


SLA desktop 3D printer for detailed parts & excellent surface finish. Print in range of resins

£2,800.00 excl. VAT
Formlabs Form 2 Complete Package

Formlabs Form 2 Complete Package

Form 2 Complete Package: includes Form 2, Form Wash, Form Cure & Pro Service Plan

£4,440.00 excl. VAT
Formlabs Form 2 Enterprise Package

Formlabs Form 2 Enterprise Package

Form 2 Enterprise Package: tailored to each application & industry. Multiple 3D printers & supporting ecosystem

£POA excl. VAT
Formlabs Form Cure

Formlabs Form Cure

Professional curing station for use with Form 2. Cure to approved settings to achieve optimal material properties

£625.00 excl. VAT
Formlabs Form Wash

Formlabs Form Wash

Automated washing station with timer functionality, for use with Form 2. Requires IPA

£445.00 excl. VAT

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Applications for the Form 2 are wide reaching, from Consumer Product Development, to Arts & Entertainment, Architecture, R&D, Medical Devices and Engineering.


Watch the Formlabs video on how they partnered with Gillette to develop personalised razor handles. 



As a Formlabs Value Added Authorised Partner and Certified Service Partner, we are certified to provide our customers with escalated levels of technical support, service & maintenance packages and training. 


As part of our customer service, you receive CREAT3D Technical Support for the lifetime of the machine.


We also offer a number of extended Formlabs programmes to provide enhanced support: 


Installation & Training: ½ or full day options for tailored, intense training programmes


Form 2 Extended Warranty: extend the Formlabs manufacturer warranty from 12 to 24 months for additional peace of mind


Form 2 Pro Service Plan: this extended service plan includes a Hot Swap facility in the event your Form 2 has to be returned for repair



In addition to our Services & Support packages, we also offer bespoke CREAT3D Business Solutions:


Multiple Units: Enterprise Package & Form Cell

For large installations where multiple units of the Form 2 are required, we create a bespoke Enterprise Package and/or can integrate the Form Cell.  Read more on Formlabs Enterprise Packages


Planned Preventative Maintenance Plan

This enhanced support and service package from CREAT3D is designed for heavy users (production use) of Form 2 SLA 3D printers, or for Form 2s that are located within busy & dusty workshops or environments. Read more on our PPM Plan


Formlabs have a wide range of consumables available including Standard, Engineering & Colour Resins. The versatility of the Form 2 allows easy switching between materials. 


View full range of Formlabs Consumables


The Form 2 operates with advanced print software, Preform, which is free to download and use on multiple devices. Download Preform


For a seamless SLA 3D printing process, CREAT3D recommend the Form Wash and Form Cure. These wash and curing stations enable smooth post-processing system using preset settings to optimise the material properties.


Find out more about the Form Wash and the Form Cure




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