Ultimaker 2+ Bundle Value Pack

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Ultimaker 2+ Bundle Value PackUltimaker 2+ Bundle Value PackUltimaker 2+ Bundle Value PackUltimaker 2+ Bundle Value PackUltimaker 2+ Bundle Value Pack
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Ultimaker 2+ Bundle Value Pack




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The Ultimaker 2+ Desktop 3D Printer Bundle Value Pack includes:

  • 1x Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer

  • 3x Build plate glue

  • 1x CREAT3D Care Kit

  • User license for Cura software (download)

  • 4x Innofil3D PLA 750g spool (Red, Natural Translucent, White, Black)

  • 1x Innofil3D ABS 750g spool (Natural White)

  • 2x ColorFabb PLA/PHA 750g spool (Natural, Intense Green)

  • 2x ColorFabb XT 750g spool (Orange, Yellow)

  • 1x ColorFabb nGen 750g spool (Clear)

  • 1x ColorFabb woodFill Fine 600g spool

  • 1x ColorFabb bambooFill 600g spool

  • 1x ColorFabb corkFill 650g spool

  • 6 day a week Technical Support

  • Free next working day delivery

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Ultimaker 2+Ultimaker 2+
colorFabb bambooFill 2.85mmcolorFabb bambooFill 2.85mm
colorFabb corkFill 2.85mmcolorFabb corkFill 2.85mm
colorFabb woodFill Fine 2.85mmcolorFabb woodFill Fine 2.85mm
colorFabb_XT Orange 2.85mmcolorFabb_XT Orange 2.85mm
colorFabb_XT Yellow 2.85mmcolorFabb_XT Yellow 2.85mm
colorFabb nGen Clear 2.85mmcolorFabb nGen Clear 2.85mm
colorFabb PLA/PHA Intense Green 2.85mmcolorFabb PLA/PHA Intense Green 2.85mm
colorFabb PLA/PHA Natural 2.85mmcolorFabb PLA/PHA Natural 2.85mm
Innofil3D ABS Natural White 2.85mmInnofil3D ABS Natural White 2.85mm
Innofil3D PLA Black 2.85mmInnofil3D PLA Black 2.85mm
Innofil3D PLA Natural Translucent 2.85mmInnofil3D PLA Natural Translucent 2.85mm
Innofil3D PLA Red 2.85mmInnofil3D PLA Red 2.85mm
Innofil3D PLA White 2.85mmInnofil3D PLA White 2.85mm
CREAT3D Care KitCREAT3D Care Kit
Ultimaker Glue StickUltimaker Glue Stick
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