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The Leap Motion Controller tracks both hands and all 10 fingers with pinpoint precision and incredible speed. Just plug into your PC or Mac and launch Airspace, your home for Leap Motion apps.

In Airspace, the Leap Motion App store, you’ll find a wide variety of specially designed free and paid apps for art creation, gaming, music, science, productivity and much more. Apps from the Airspace app store let you interact with your computer just by moving your hands through the air. Play, create, and explore in a whole new way – great for complementing your 3D printing and 3D scanning activities.

To get you started, the Leap Motion Controller comes with a free set of apps included.


Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.


12 month manufacturer warranty included.


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The device is sleek, light, and tiny (just 8cm long). It takes up hardly any space on your desk. The wide 150° field of view gives you 0.22 cubic meters of interactive, three-dimensional space. 



The Leap Motion Controller doesn’t replace your keyboard, mouse, or trackpad. It works with them. With the Leap Motion software running, just plug it into the USB port on your Mac or PC, and you’re off.



With the Leap Motion Controller, you’re the instrument. Strum, drum, sketch, draw, and paint with your fingers. Sculpt as easily as you would with clay. Or use your own pencils, paintbrushes, or drumsticks. Try out Decosketch, or master a rhythm with AirBeats. It’s the best way to create just about anything, because you do it by hand. 



When you learn about the world through 3D motion-control, life really comes alive. Move up, down, left, right, forward and back in Google Earth. Fly through space in Exoplanet, or even take apart a skull in Cyber Science. When you reach into your computer, the learning never stops.

The Leap Motion Controller comes with:


  • 61cm cord for use with a laptop
  • 152cm cord for use with a computer
  • USB 2.0 cable (micro USB 3.0 connectors)
  • Important information card


  • Welcome card

Leap Motion Hardware Requirements


Minimum System Requirements



Windows 7 or 8 or Mac OS X 10.7 Mountain Lion


AMD Phenom™ II or Intel® Core™ i3, i5 or i7 processor


USB 2.0 port

Internet connection

What is the Leap Motion Controller?

The Leap Motion Controller is a small, (1” x 3” x 1/2”) USB device that plugs into your PC or Mac to create a 3D interaction space of 8 cubic feet to precisely track the movement of your hands and fingers in the air. The Leap Motion Controller comes with a free selection of apps included from Airspace, the Leap Motion app store, where users have access to hundreds of apps built for the Leap Motion Controller. There are apps in many categories allowing you to experience a new way to play, learn and create.


What is Airspace?

Airspace is the Leap Motion app store where you will discover, and download a mixture of free and paid apps for the Leap Motion Controller. When you set up your Leap Motion Controller, the Airspace desktop app (Airspace Home) is included and will download to your computer. After creating an account, you will enter Airspace Home, which includes the Orientation app and other apps installed for you by Leap Motion for free. The first tile in Airspace home will link directly to the Airspace app store, which is the online store where people will discover many apps; both free and paid, for you to download.


What percentage of the apps are free?

Currently about 50% of the apps are free. There is also a free-to-paid feature for paid apps to let customer try a free trial version before making a purchase.


How many of the apps are for the PC vs. Mac?

About 80% of total apps are available for PC.


Can you use Leap Motion as a mouse replacement?

Leap Motion is not a replacement for the mouse, but it is possible to use some of the applications for controlling your computer. Some of these apps take more practice than others. 


How does Leap Motion technology work?

The Leap Motion Controller contains 2 camera sensors and 3 infrared LEDs. Leap Motion’s software translates the information from the camera sensors into 3D input.