Leapfrog Bolt Pro

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Leapfrog Bolt ProLeapfrog Bolt ProLeapfrog Bolt ProLeapfrog Bolt Pro
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Leapfrog Bolt Pro

Product code: LPFRGP-BOLTPRO

Part Number:  A-02-10-A-01-72



£7,080.00 incl. VAT.


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The Leapfrog Bolt Pro is a dual extruder 3D printer with a large enclosed build chamber. The Bolt Pro's revolutionary dual-head system enables each of the two extruders to function independently of each other. Each extruder uses its own filament feed, improving print quality and reliability, and reducing the risk of cross-contamination and oozing when printing in two different materials or two different colours. 


The Bolt Pro has the option of using a High Temp Hot End, providing the ability to print at higher temperatures, up to 360°C. Furthermore, with the Leapfrog Bolt Pro, it is also possible to swap filaments mid-print.


The Leapfrog Bolt Pro comes with a heated bed within an enclosed print chamber, which helps to maintain a more consistent print environment, and also benefits from an activated HEPA Carbon Filter. The printer also benefits from a swappable print bed which snaps in place using magnets. The Bolt Pro's standard bed is made from Borosilicate, a type of glass made from silica and boron trioxide. This material has very low coefficients of thermal expansion, meaning when heated the borosilicate glass bed stays extremely flat. An optional granite bed will also be available. 


The Bolt Pro benefits from excellent connectivity, via USB stick, Wi-Fi and Ethernet. It has a large 7" screen, an integrated webcam and multi-platform connectivity (the software can be used on any device with a browser). The print software provides full control over all aspects of the 3D printing process, and includes advanced features such as the ability to limit different users' controls / access to the system and receive live information on the time and filament left on the print.


The Bolt Pro is designed to print in a variety of materials including PLA, PLA/PHA, nGen, Edge & Scaffold, soluble support and other exotic materials, using 1.75mm filament. The Bolt comes with Simplify3D, advanced 3D printing software, and features additional print modes "Mirror" and "Replicator" which maximise the use of the large build platform and the independent print heads.


12 month manufacturer warranty included.


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The Leapfrog Bolt Pro 3D printer comes with:


  • UK power cable

  • Print bed & adherence

  • 1x Innofil3D PLA 750g spool filament

  • User manual


  • USB stick
  • Print software licence, Simplify3D 



  • Safety guide



    The Bolt Pro comes in a large wooden crate and is a heavy item. It is advisable to have at least 2 people to unbox and unpack the printer.

    Leapfrog Bolt Pro Technical Specifications


    Extruder(s) 2

    Wide range of 1.75mm filaments including PLA, colorFabb nGen, ABS, HIPS (Soluble Support), Hybrid, Edge & Scaffold and other Exotics

    Leapfrog Bolt dimensions

    831mm (w) x 723mm (d) x 801mm (h)

    37.72'' (w) x 28.45” (d) x 31.53” (h)



    Max build size

    Single extruder print:

    330mm (w) x 320mm (d) x 205mm (h)

    12.99” (w) x 12.60” (d) x 8.07” (h)


    Dual extruder print:

    300mm (w) x 320mm (d) x 205mm (h)

    12.99” (w) x 12.60” (d) x 8.07” (h)


    Replicator / mirror mode:

    164mm (w) x 320mm (d) x 205mm (h)

    6.5” (w) x 12.60” (d) x 8.07” (h)

    Maximum print volume

    21.6 litres

    Z axis print resolution

    High: 0.05mm / 50 microns

    Low: 0.35mm / 350 microns
    Positioning accuracy

    XY: 8 microns

    Z: 10 microns

    Print bed

    Heated platform up to 90°C

    Nozzle temperature (up to)


    Or optional 360°C (with High Temp Hot Ends)

    Print speed 

    100 mm/s

    Power requirements

    Input voltage: 88 - 264v AC

    Input frequency: 47 – 63 Hz

    Power consumption: 600W

    Support structures

    Dissolvable support material or break away support

    materials with pliers or cutters

    Design file input format STL, G-code
    Free software

    Yes, Simplify3D software

    Software compatibility


    Mac OS X


    Standalone USB




    Please note the Technical Specifications are provided by the Manufacturer and may be subject to change.

    What operating systems is the Bolt Pro compatible with?

    The Bolt is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.


    Is the Leapfrog Bolt Pro single or multiple extruder?

    The Leapfrog Bolt Pro is dual head 3D printer, with independent extruders allowing for dual-colour or dual-material 3D printing.


    What colours/filament can I use?

    The Bolt Pro uses a range of 1.75mm filament in a variety of colours and materials including PLA, nGen, PLA/PHA, ABS, HIPS and exotic materials. You can order additional filaments from our Consumables page.


    Which files can the Bolt Pro read?

    The Bolt Pro accepts STL files and G-code file formats.


    What software is required for the Leapfrog Bolt Pro 3D printer?

    The Bolt Pro comes with a user license for Simplify3D printing software to prepare the print file. It also has Wi-Fi for excellent, cross-platform connectivity.


    Can I print soluble / dissolvable support material?

    Yes, you currently have two options PVA or HIPS. PVA dissolves in warm water but it much trickier to print with, whereas HIPS dissolves in Limonene but prints with settings and properties similar to PLA. 


    We also offer a new filament range, Edge & Scaffold. Edge is a PETG based filament that is designed to be used in conjunction with Scaffold, a water soluble filament. Edge is a modified PET material, with properties akin to ABS in high strength impact and stiffness, with good layer bonding and bridging ability.


    Does the Bolt Pro have a heated bed?

    Yes, the heated print bed can heat up to 90°C and sits within a closed build environment.


    What size nozzle does the Bolt Pro use?

    The Bolt Pro uses 2x 0.35mm diameter nozzles.



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