SemiFlex 1.75mm Snow

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SemiFlex 1.75mm Snow

Product code: NINJAF-SEFLEX175-SNOW



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:  Snow



SemiFlex Snow 1.75mm is an addition to the NinjaTek filament range. Similar to NinjaFlex, SemiFlex is a flexible, strong material but has increased rigidity. It is ideal for parts requiring a high level of detail, intricate designs, high resolution text and where shock absorption is needed.  


SemiFlex is available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameters in a range of colours.


Each 1.75mm SemiFlex spool contains approx. 500g of filament.


Due to the large variation of monitors, video cards, operating systems & Internet browsers and the effects each has on each other, the colours on this page may not exactly match the materials.

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NinjaTek SemiFlex Technical Specifications



NinjaTek SemiFlex

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) type filament

Diameter(s) 1.75mm & 2.85mm
Hardness (approx.) 98A (50D)
Recommended print temperature

225°C - 230°C

Recommended bed temperature

Not required

Recommended print speed

20 - 30mm/s

Spool hub hole


Spool diameter



NinjaTek SemiFlex has been used successfully on many 3D printers, but it has

not been tested on every model.  Check your 3D printer specifications


In general, SemiFlex performs best in printers with direct-drive extruders

Storage conditions

For best results, store in air-tight container

Approved food contact safe No


NB: Properties and settings may vary depending on printer type and setting.



Does SemiFlex work with all desktop 3D printers?

SemiFlex has been used successfully on many FDM/FFF 3D printers, but it has not been tested on every model. In general, NinjaFlex performs best in printers with direct-drive extruders using settings similar to standard rigid ABS filament.



Other Colours Available
SemiFlex 1.75mm Grass

SemiFlex 1.75mm Grass

£35.00 excl. VAT
SemiFlex 1.75mm Lava

SemiFlex 1.75mm Lava

£35.00 excl. VAT
SemiFlex 1.75mm Midnight

SemiFlex 1.75mm Midnight

£35.00 excl. VAT
SemiFlex 1.75mm Sapphire

SemiFlex 1.75mm Sapphire

£35.00 excl. VAT
SemiFlex 1.75mm Water

SemiFlex 1.75mm Water

£35.00 excl. VAT
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