Fuel3D SCANIFY software release

Wednesday, 14 October 2015  |  Jon Brydges
Leapfrog Creatr HS firmware update screen

Fuel3D have recently released their Fuel3D Studio v2.0 software for use with the handheld SCANIFY 3D Scanner.


The 3D scanner comes with Fuel3D Studio Starter software as standard, but for additional and advanced features there are upgrades to Fuel3D Studio Plus and Fuel3D Studio Advanced available.


We have been using the new Fuel3D Studio software and thought we'd share our key points and experiences.


Before you start scanning

The software provides 4 quick tutorials on start-up that are clear and easy to understand:


General product tour (what the buttons mean!)

Getting started with scanning 

Getting started with cropping  

Getting started with stitching


We'd recommend working through through them so you can correctly set up your SCANIFY 3D Scanner and start scanning quickly. 


Managing your 3D scanning projects

The software provides a good selection of tools for managing your scan projects. For example, you can search by file names or tags to locate your projects quickly. We would definitely recommend making use of the ability to tag your different projects with key words e.g. "organic" "materials", "people", so you can create groups of projects.


Projects can be added to your Favourites list, and there is an automatic recent list so you can access your most recent work super quick. These tools really help to make navigation and management of multiple scanning projects really easy.


We've also picked out a couple of other features that we like with the new software....



Cropping has improved quite a lot over previous versions of the software, particularly the ease and flow of image rotation during the cropping process. You can now click and hold the mouse button to move the image around easily, whereas previously you needed to use the keyboard arrow keys. The new Studio software also makes use of colour highlighting to make it easier to see which area you're cropping.


View finder

The view finder window on the Fuel3D Studio software is intuitive with good visibility. It also tells you if you are too close or too far away from the object when preparing to scanning. The flash status updates are also well documented so you know what stage the SCANIFY scanner is at.


Upgrade software packages

There are upgrade software packages available for SCANIFY: Studio Plus & Studio Advanced where it includes additional tools such as hole fixing, edge smoothing and volumisation. You can read the full breakdown of what's included in each level of the software on our SCANIFY FAQs tab, but we've highlighted a couple of great features in Studio Advanced.


The different volumisation options (mirror or flat) available in the Studio Advanced software provide excellent flexibility. "Flat" is ideal for 3D printing as it creates a single level surface on the scan. The decimation/polygon reduction available is also a useful tool to reduce file size, making the scan output easier to work with in further processing 


Finally, the stitching. The Studio Advanced software makes it easy to control stitching projects and there is a choice of auto or manual stitching. Auto stitching is a bit like doing a jig-saw puzzle - you drag & drop the cropped scans into stitching groups and let the software do the work - we've seen some excellent results.


Studio Plus is available on an annual subscription of £34.99 excl. VAT. Studio Advanced is available on an annual subscription of £64.99 excl. VAT.  You can upgrade at any time and there are free trials available so you can see for yourself which software level suits your needs best.


SCANIFY 3D Scanner is available in stock for next day delivery, priced at £829.17 excl. VAT. For those looking for more advanced guidance and tuition, we also offer 3D scanner training


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