HP 3D Scan Pro V5 Software Upgrade

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HP 3D Scan Pro V5 Software Upgrade

Product code: HPT-SOFTWUPGDV5

Part Number:  Y8C66AAE



£439.20 incl. VAT.


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The HP 3D Scan Pro V5 Software Upgrade is to upgrade your existing HP 3D Scan software to the latest version available.


HP Pro V5 software has a host of new features including improved scan detail and user interface, as well as support for 2 camera scanning with the HP 3D Dual Camera Upgrade Kits. For full details of HP 3D Scan Pro V5 software features, see Tech Specs below.


Compatible with HP 3D Structured Light Scanner range of 3D scanners.


Compatible with Windows operating systems.

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HP 3D Scan Pro V5 Software Technical Specifications


HP Pro V5 Features

Support for 2 camera scanning - with 2 modes:

- "Stereo" (improved accuracy)

- "Extended" (larger scan field)


Improved Scan Quality

- New SL patterns for improved scanning of glossy objects

- Reflection filter

- More precise projector calibration (in 2-camera mode only)


Improved Alignment


Improved User Interface

- Simplified menus

- Automatic camera and projector selection

- Comfortable batch scanning


Included functions from previous Enterprise version

- Mesh comparison

- Measurement


Support Request generator (.zip)

(already in DAVID 4.5.2) 


Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10: 64 bit

Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6 (included on the USB stick)

1 free USB slot


Dual core 2 GHz CPU


3D graphics card (e.g. NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon) with 1GB VRAM or more