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SCANIFY 3D Scanner

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SCANIFY 3D scanner by Fuel3D brings handheld 3D imaging technology, originally developed for high-end medical applications, into the professional and educational marketplace with its point-and-shoot and colour capture capabilities.


The British-born SCANIFY is an easy-to-use, affordable handheld 3D scanner that captures extremely high-resolution mesh and colour information.


SCANIFY is the world's first 3D scanner to combine pre-calibrated stereo cameras with photometric imaging to capture and process files in seconds. SCANIFY uses optical localisation to determine the position of the imaging device during the scanning process.


SCANIFY captures accurate and detailed images, converting files to be further edited or 3D printed. The SCANIFY handheld 3D scanner outputs scans into STL, OBJ and PLY file format for further processing or 3D printing. It comes with Fuel3D Studio Starter software included, with more advanced software packages available (see FAQs tab below). 


Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.


Fuel3D carefully select to work with a small number of elite partners and CREAT3D is proud to be part of this group. As the UK's first appointed Fuel3D Certified Reseller, we provide our customers with enhanced technical support and preferential access to new product upgrades.


12 month manufacturer warranty included.

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SCANIFY fuses geometric and photometric stereo 3D recovery techniques and is finely tuned to capture high resolution 3D colour images. This raw capability provides the opportunity for an object to be captured in true 3D geometry and full colour, down to 350 microns.



Capture a 3D image in a tenth of a second with SCANIFY.



SCANIFY is an easy-to-use, point and shoot handheld 3D scanner, capturing high resolution and colour. It is particularly excellent for capturing skin, e.g. faces and body parts, fabric, organic subjects e.g. plants and leaves, stone, masonry and brick, food and artwork, e.g. textured paintings and statues.


Scans can be exported in OBJ, PLY and STL formats for further processing or 3D printing.



SCANIFY comes with Fuel3D Studio Starter software as standard which allows you to operate the scanner, lightly crop, manipulate and export the scan.


Upgrade software options are available for enhanced editing functions:


Fuel3D Studio Plus allows for scan cropping, stitching up to six scans, edge smoothing & hole fixing and extruded volumisation.


Fuel3D Studio Advanced, in addition to the tools in Studio Plus also has enhanced volumisation options, mesh smoothing, decimation & unlimited stitching.

SCANIFY 3D Scanner comes with:


  • 3 tracking targets
  • USB data transfer cable
  • AC power cable
  • International AC cable connectors
  • Quick Start Guide
  • FUEL3D Studio software for operating the scanner, 3D cropping, manipulating & exporting scans

Fuel3D SCANIFY Technical Specifications


Maximum scan volume      

210mm x 300mm (400mm diagonal)

8” x 12” (16” diagonal)

In a single capture

SCANIFY dimensions

255mm (w) x 245mm (h) x 35mm (d)

10” (w) x 9.6” (h) x 1.3” (d)

Scanning technology

Fusion of stereoscopic and photometric data

Best achievable resolution   

Approx. 350 microns


Pre-calibrated (no post calibration required)

Polygons captured on a flat surface Approx. 750,000
Number of vertices in a single scan

Approx. 375,000

Light source

Xenon LED flash bulbs (no lasers or infrared)

Operating range

Fixed at 350mm – 450mm (14” – 18”)

Software compatibility

Windows 7+ (32 bit / 64 bit)

Mac OS 

Free software

Yes: Fuel3D Studio Starter for operating the scanner, 3D cropping and exporting scans

Software upgrades to Fuel3D Studio Plus and Fuel3D Advanced available

Exported file types


Single scan file size 





Data acquisition speed 0.1 seconds per single scan
Flash cool-down period 30 seconds
Post capture image Approx. 30 seconds
Connectivity Micro USB cable
Product weight


Power requirements

AC power adapter (scanner draws approx. 2A)

Recommended hardware

2GB RAM, 1GB hard disk space

Dual-core processor


Fuel3D Studio Starter Software: 2GB RAM, Dual Core 64bit CPU 1.7GHz, integrated graphics card

Tripod mount

Yes: contains 1/4-20 UNC internal thread for screw tripod mounting


Please note the Technical Specifications are provided by the Manufacturer and may be subject to change.

Where can I download the SCANIFY 3D scanner user guide?


What operating systems work with the SCANIFY 3D scanner?

SCANIFY is compatible with Windows operating systems. A version for Mac will be coming soon (late Spring 2015).


Do I have to use the targets?

Yes, you should use the targets provided with the 3D scanner. For a live subject, e.g. a person, you will need to attach a target onto them. For an inanimate object, place the target nearby so it can be viewed alongside the subject. The target needs to be placed so that it is approximately facing the scanner when you will be, taking the image, not facing away.


Does SCANIFY 3D scanner have a tripod mount?

Yes, SCANIFY contains 1/4-20 UNC internal thread for screw tripod mounting.


What does the Fuel3D Studio Starter software do?

The Fuel3D Studio Starter software comes included with your SCANIFY 3D scanner and provides the ability to capture and view models in multiple modes including full colour, mono-colour, wireframe and topographical. Studio Starter also includes tools to light, crop and export your full colour 3D scans to popular file formats such as STL, OBJ and PLY. You can also stitch together up to 6 scans.


This version is ideally suited for advanced 3D professionals, who already utilise high end 3D software packages and do not require any additional features to help them process or manipulate their scans. 


What is the upgrade software Fuel3D Studio Plus?

The Fuel3D Studio Plus software is available as an upgrade and is designed for beginner and intermediate users with limited experience in utilising other software packages and want to quickly and easily create simple 3D models. In addition to the core features of Studio Starter, Fuel3D Studio Plus includes:

  • Scan cropping

  • Stitching up to 9 scans

  • Edge smoothing - automatically smooth the rough edges of a scan sometimes created after cropping, allowing for a more visually appealing 3D model

  • Hole fixing - automatically repair any “holes” that are created in the scan data useful for creating a water-tight mesh

  • Extruded volumisation - creating an extruded thickness to your scans to create a water-tight model ready for 3D printing


What is the upgrade software Fuel3D Studio Advanced?

The Fuel3D Studio Advanced software is available as an upgrade and is designed for experienced users who want to create more advanced 3D models. In addition to all the features of Fuel3D Studio Plus, Fuel3D Studio Advanced includes:

  • Unlimited stitching - combine an unlimited number of scans to create a single model from multiple scans

  • Mirror and flat volumisation - create water tight models with mirrored extrusion or a flat back (suitable for 3D printing)

  • Mesh smoothing

  • Polygon extrusion control - define the number of polygons used in the volume extrusion to improve sculpt-ability in 3rd party modelling packages

  • Decimation to reduce file size -  reduces the number of vertices and faces of a scan to lower the file-size and resolution


What are the hardware requirements for the different software packages?

Studio Starter

2GB RAM, Dual Core 64bit CPU 1.7GHz, integrated graphics card


Studio Plus

Minimum – 6GB of RAM, dual-core 64bit CPU 2GHz, dedicated graphics card

Recommended – 8GB of RAM, quad-core 64bit CPU, 3GHz, dedicated graphics card


Studio Advanced

Minimum – 10GB of RAM, quad-core 64bit CPU 2.3GHz, dedicated graphics card

Recommended – 12GB of RAM, quad-core 64bit CPU, 3GHz, dedicated graphics card


How do I capture a whole 3D object e.g. a human head?

SCANIFY can only resolve what it can see from a single viewpoint. Acquiring e.g. a whole human head will require multiple shots and separate software to register and “stitch” the shots together.


If scanning a person’s face, it is best to position the SCANIFY scanner “upwards” into the face. The Fuel3D scanner has two sensors in a vertical orientation, and both sensors must be able to see the surface of the subject in order to resolve. Noses “overhang”, so you will do better with imaging faces if you are imaging from a lower position, looking upwards.


Can I scan a large object e.g. a whole person or a room?

Unfortunately, in the current configuration, SCANIFY scanner is not optimised to scan rooms or other large subjects.  The Sense 3D scanner is more suited to scanning a whole person’s body.


Does SCANIFY 3D scanner use lasers?

No, the scanner uses two cameras and three flashes. The scanner will flash three times in order to highlight features from different illumination positions, this enables the level of depth and detail in the scans.


The scanner isn't capturing my object. Help?

SCANIFY needs to be able to see a point on a subject with both cameras in order to resolve it. Subjects with deep holes or crevices can be difficult for the camera to see into. 


In addition, reflective, transparent or shiny objects are more complex to capture. If possible, you can use a white spray paint or a matt powder based spray to coat the surface of the object. Ensure you use a thin layer, evenly applied, so as not to impact on the part’s thickness.


How do I get the best results from my SCANIFY 3D scanner?

A few hints and tips for getting the best results from your SCANIFY scanner.

  • Minimise background clutter. When imaging people, try to isolate the body in space, away from walls or the floor. When imaging objects, place against a dark, textured background e.g. carpet or fabric.

  • Avoid overexposure. Highly reflective (e.g. bright white) subjects may result in overexposure. The Fuel3D scanner has an operating distance of about 40cm +/-5cm. If your images appear overexposed, try to move the scanner further away from the subject when imaging.

  • Avoid direct sunlight, or very bright overhead lighting. The Fuel3D scanner is best used in normal office or home conditions.

  • Textured objects are better, ideally randomly. Textured can mean one or both of having varying colour, or surface roughness.



What CAD packages can I import the SCANIFY scan into?

The CAD packages that have been tested to work with SCANIFY scans are:

  • Solidworks (STL needs to be converted into a xyz Point cloud, this can be done using MeshLab)

  • Rhino (STL)

  • SketchUp (STL)

  • Blender, (STL,PLY,OBJ)


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